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October 07, 2022

New! NCM Dividend Champions booklet

When investors are concerned about volatility, one of the best solutions is to own dividend-paying companies of the highest quality. See how NCM Dividend Champions is delivering the goods.

NCM Dividend Champions booklet
NCM Dividend Champions booklet

You may already know these facts:

  • Companies that pay steady or growing dividends tend to produce higher returns over time
  • They also tend to exhibit significantly lower volatility

At NCM, we call these companies “Dividend Champions.” They are often more profitable than trendy growth stocks, and more reliable than stodgy low-growth stocks or stocks that cut their dividends.

At times like these, when the market outlook is uncertain, we believe that NCM Dividend Champions can hold a truly special place in almost every equity portfolio.

Where NCM Dividend Champions fits in a portfolio
Where NCM Dividend Champions fits in a portfolio

Whether you are an investor looking for better upside potential with less risk or a financial advisor interested in adding a concentrated selection of extremely high-quality stocks to your clients’ portfolios, we believe you will find tremendous value in our Dividend Champions.

Download our new NCM Dividends Champions booklet to learn more about this unique fund.

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